You shouldn’t skimp on health care. This is a popular belief we can hear. In this blog I am willing to give some advice how to skimp on medications without harming your health. The only thing you ought to do is to learn the basics of pharmacology and where to find pharmacies with the most reasonable prices.

You never trouble about it till you face health problem yourself. So did I till the time I had to spend both a year of my life and а fortune buying medication for recovering.


Once after being ill and getting my prescription I popped into a pharmacy nearby to buy the prescribed drugs. Actually I was really shocked. The cost made up a half of my monthly budget. I was sure to purchase them. But the course was going to last a few months. It meant that I would earn money for buying medicines. I complained my friend therapist about the high cost of drugs; he revised my prescription and recommended to replace some medications with their analogues. The total cost of the drugs reduced by half. The reason turn out to be very simple.

For manufacturing new medicines companies spend enormous funds and efforts. This is, first of all, the support of the staff of scientists involved in the development and creation of the formula of the preparation, testing and clinical trials, development of technology and equipment for mass production. In addition, the production of a new drug requires the registration of a trademark, the acquisition of patent and multi-year advertising campaign.

All of these costs influence the price of a new medicinal product. After some time, as a rule, it is 20-25 years, the term of the patent is over. Other companies can use product formula provided they change the name of the drug, but use the same active substance remains and preserve pharmacological properties. Thus, these drugs are called generics.

To buy or not to buy generics? In my blog I am going to write about trustworthy cheaper medications analogues, their dosage and side effects. I hope the information will be useful for patients who can’t afford or don’t want to spend a fortune on purchasing drugs.


We all get ill: someone do it less often, someone – more often. We can never know when it will occur to you. But each of us knows that medicines are sold in pharmacies that often turn out not to work at night… or do work, but they are only in the “city center”. What should you do if happened to get trouble with your health? I’ve found a solution – online-drugstores, where they sell and deliver all necessary drugs and certain medical equipment. Isn’t it convenient? Except convenience, I found lots of other advantages in online pharmacies.

This blog is for those preferring convenient service, professional recommendations for the choice of the right preparation and privacy. If you do, you’ll appreciate the information I blog here. I am determined to check the reliability of online drugstores and add links to the online pharmacies people can really trust.

Statistics showed that every day more and more people give their preference to the Internet – shops. Such popularity can be explained with just people’s prudence and pragmatism.

Convenient purchasing

Firstly, you needn’t go anywhere. Going to a regular pharmacy is not the most pleasant thing, is it? Here is a queue which can easily put you out of the temper. As for me, after queuing, I often found out that the drugs or medical devices I had been hunting for turned out not to be in stock. What to do in such cases? The answer is to go to other drugstore. It is much simpler with virtual drugstores in this situation. I sat down at the laptop, found the website and ordered the desired item. If I fail to make an order on ne website, I maneged to do it at another pharm-market.


Another great advantage is security. Some people say that getting pills over the Internet is dangerous. They are scammers who want to deceive the buyer. Is there any guarantee that in a regular pharmacy you buy a quality product? I think, no. So, the risk is everywhere. But you can always trust reputable online pharmacies.

Low cost and shipping.

This is a good enough reason. Lower cost is caused by not having to pay for rent, additional staff and utility costs. As for the delivery, you can always discuss with the manager the convenient place and time of your order arrival.

Additional services.

Virtual pharmacy can offer its customers such services as reminders, consultation with the specialist, testimonials of the patient who have tried the drug. I’ve never met them in traditional drugstores.


To gain the trust of clients, drugstores constantly organize promotions, give discount cards, provide holiday discounts, carry out a free delivery of medicines. It usually appeals to customers who are always eager to get the products quickly and also save a considerable amount.


It tells how to both take care of our health and save money for other pleasant things. The selection of drugs in pharmacies today is really wide. I advise you to remember that the most expensive drug does not mean the most effective one and the cheapest is not the worst.