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Ovulation and Clomid: proper drug for you?

Clomid drug is also known worldwide as Clomiphene citrate or brand name Serophene, and you probably faced it sometimes. You may ask yourself when and why you should have to take this medicine. As it was mentioned in the title, Clomid is a drug for fertility and connected with ovulation production. Doctor’s prescription Clomid is the most often case. In case if you experience difficulties in become pregnant, you can consider Clomid as your assistant here.

Not all women are required to buy Clomid, if they have problems with fertility. The price Clomid have, is not an issue. The most important point here is that Clomid is recommended only if your screening allow it. Couples trying to get birth to a child, and when woman fails in it, it can refer to other issues. However, provided you have irregular ovulation or absence of it, buy Clomid online and your chances to get pregnant will increase exponentially! Moreover, the Clomid cost online is far more lower than anywhere else, and it is really enjoyable and secured to get this drug, as many feel embarrassed to get it through local drug stores!

Having normal ovulation cycle, in the process of menstruation, follicles start to become mature and en large in dimension. Each of them has an egg inside. In addition, follicles nurture these eggs and after maturing, they produce estrogen. And when your cycle starts, the level of estrogens in your body is low.

As your body and hormones are closely connected, hormones are the communication way inside your body. It is like a puzzle where all parts shall be connected properly together. Clomid here has almost the same structure as estrogen. However, the trick is that Clomid blocks receptors saying to hypothalamus about the estrogen level, and body supposes the level of estrogen is not sufficient and it become to produce more. In addition, one should mention here, that Clomid should not be taken when you are already pregnant. It may sound silly, but before taking Clomid or address your doctor to prescribe Clomid, you should make pregnancy test to be assured you are not pregnant, as Clomid in combination with pregnancy fact may cause serious side effects unnecessary for you.

Purchase Clomid according to doctor’s prescription, and increase your chance to get pregnant by the means of this wonderful medicine! Many women use it over the world and great amount of them became happy mothers! Be among them and aspire for your goal to get pregnant!

Buying Clomid will help to deceive your body and produce more estrogens to cause ovulation. As Clomid operates properly tricking body to develop more LH and FSH leading to successful ovulation of your body.

Doctors, when prescribing Clomid, usually want to be assured you are ovulating in normal way. Having irregular cycle means, it is not normal. If you have not normal ovulation, doctors can prescribe Clomid to you. If you are prescribed with this drug, Clomid purchase will not be difficult issue for you; you always can buy online Clomid at a price significantly lower than in any local store.

The dosage of Clomid may vary. In the beginning, you would most likely be prescribed with low dosage. Usual dose for the beginning is 50 mg. 100mg Clomid dosage is prescribed when initial phase is finished and you start next phase. This drug is prescribed usually for 3-7 or 5-9 of your cycle day. Having not regular cycle, you may be prescribed with special medication inducing your cycle. This drug deals with other medicine perfectly as no any interactions was noticed or reported concerning this medicine.

Clomid is a drug that shall be taken regularly for 5 days and preferably at the same time. Usually you have ovulation one week after your last dose. Clomid 100mg dose can be prescribed if there are no results on the initial stage, and you can take Clomid for over 6 cycles, but not more.

Clomid buying is a conscious step as the block of receptors are lead to dry and hostile mucous production in your body and it is not proper atmosphere for sperm going to the uterus. Other side effects are headache, disbalance, mood changes, hot flashes, and some others. Others are:

– Fatigue


-Vomiting, nausea

– Skin rush


-Psychosis and more

Moreover, the most amazing thing about Clomid is that 10% of chances are to have twins after taking this drug!

After prescription of Clomid buy online this drug, take the course according to your prescription following with all necessary precautions, and try not to overdose. There are no specified overdose cases, but nevertheless it is strongly recommended to follow the prescription.

Clomid price on the market is known as relatively high, but online Clomid buy will help you to economize and get attractive offer.

Many patients like what are the chances to get pregnant after taking Clomid. According to American ASRM statistics, about 45% of women taking Clomid, could get pregnant after 6 cycles.

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