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Crestor: A Drug reducing “Bad” Levels of Cholesterol

Market name for Crestor drug is Rosuvastatin. The origin of Crestor goes back to Japanese roots, and the firm originated it was called Shionogi. Nowadays it is distributed by AstraZeneca Company and its patent is valid till 2016. This drug was approved by FDA administration and became available in the United States since 2003 and since then the distribution reached more than 150 countries in the world.

Crestor is a Statin family drug. Its function is to decrease the cholesterol level, and when you buy Crestor it means you decrease a chance to have heart attack in 60% and shrink the risk of stroke in nearly 17%.

Rosuvastatin is designed to keep the cholesterol level on healthy rate and it works as LDL decreasing tool by boosting HD lipoproteins. It is much more effective to use this drug along with healthy diet and some training. This is the most effective combination to reduce the level of cholesterol in blood of mature patients, suffering from such diseases as mixed dyslipidemia or hyperlipidemia. Also, this drug is prescribed to patients with initial stages or atherosclerosis or as a preventive medicine for patients at risk group.

Crestor mg dosage varied from 5 to 40 mg. However, one should be very careful and should take this drug exactly as it was prescribed. Your doctor should determine the dosage in careful way, and it is done individually as no one should share it. The average dosage for patients is between 10 to 20 mg. We do strongly recommend taking it with a glass of water, and try to avoid beverages and other similar drinks.

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If you miss a dose, do not panic. Such things happen when you just began taking any drug, Crestor needs to be taken once in 12 house, so if you messed your time, you may wait for your next period of taking. Keep maintaining the dosage and try not to increase or decrease it in any reason.

If you have an overdose of Crestor, it is better to address medical help, and not to try to deal with it by your own strength. If it was taken recently, the doctor may try to take it out from you of pump it out. The doctor should also check your blood pressure and heartbeat rate.

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There are several warning about this drug. The patient should follow instructions and try not to increase a dosage without doctor’s permission. Crestor is generally used by adults and children, but one should be careful to take it if you are over 65. Concerning females, Crestor is not usually prescribed if woman plans to have a child, already pregnant or feeds child with a breast. Crestor buy should be very cautious if the patient has previous problems with kidneys or damaged livers. Taking this drug should be accompanied with a diet, healthy style of life and absence of alcohol.

If you already take Crestor, you should avoid taking alcohol as it can destroy your liver and make triglyceride level higher. Also antacids can complicate the absorption of Crestor.

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Speaking about side effects, we can name some of them: slight sore throat and symptoms looking like cold, body weakness, pain during urination, dizziness and sometimes it is problems connected with bad memory.

These are side effects of many other drugs, but Crestor is considered the best in treating problems with cholesterol level. Cost of Crestor is relatively low in comparison with other drugs, and online purchase will be your right choice when having problems with high cholesterol level.

There are other side effects of Crestor. They are as follows:

– pain in muscles, and sometimes feet

– pain in chest

– problems with urination and its frequency

– symptoms looking like flu

The involvement of second drug while taking Crestor is obvious reason for different side effects. Even drugs having herbals in its content, can “disagree” with each other inside the body, so be careful while taking Crestor with other medicine. And if you are already on some medicine, which you guess may cause side effect or the mixture of it with Crestor may lead to some unpleasant of critical conditions, you shall notify your doctor about it, as this information may save your life.

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